Textured pea protein

Texturized pea proteins are highly functional ingredients that offer the food industry innovative solutions for vegetarian meat analogs and traditional meat products.

It can easily be formulated as a meat analog into a ground product recipe. They can be used to formulate vegan alternatives to traditional meat products such as patties, meatballs, nuggets etc. Because of their elastic texture and high-water retention, our texturized pea proteins can be easily molded into various shapes and forms.They can be cooked by various processes i.e. grilled, microwaved. The resulting finished products are juicy yet firm.

In traditional meat products, our texturized pea proteins can be used to extend meat content to provide better texture and emulsion stability. Textured pea proteins have low allergenicity and are non-GMO which makes them a great alternative to soy and wheat products. Additionally, their natural glutamic acid content offers a taste that makes it particularly well suited for meat-based and culinary applications.
Product Code:
CAS Number/Latin Name:
Pisum sativum L.
Active ingredients:
Protein 80%
Textured pea protein
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