Green Tea Extract can Increase Satiety

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A number of researchers from Singapore analyzed the effect of green tea plant extract gallic catechin - 3 - gallic acid ester (EGCG) on mice, the research results was published on the journal molecular nutrition and food research. 

The researchers found that the diet which contains too much fat can lead to overweight, obesity and excess nutrients, at the same time can also affect the brain function. The researchers said, although before there are a lot of studies have found green tea plant extracts such as EGCG has the effect of preventing obesity, but majorly the research are about the relationship between green tea and human metabolism, few studies have focus on green tea and the relationship between the central nervous system and diet. 

In this study, the researchers chose some male wild mice, these wild rats were randomly divided into three groups, feed group one with regular food, feed the second group with a week of high-fat food, which contain more than 60% energy, and feed the third group with high-fat diet for three months. In addition, feed all the mice with EGGC supplements.

 Results show that the EGGC have no significant influence to the fitst group of mice , but in the high-fat diet mice group, the excessive eating habits were improved , the frequancy of food intakeing and eating were reduced. EGCG supplements can avoid high-fat diet (HFD) mouse overeat during the day, that is to say, EGCG can adjust the diet behavior and the steady state energy of the mice. 

In addition, the researchers found that EGCG have a regulation effect for appetite management of key genes such as AGRP, POMC, and the expression of CART, as well as effect on the circadian clock genes in the hypothalamus for obese mice, which showed adjustment for EGCG on mice eat .

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